The Lone Gunmen Fanfic Bunker


Welcome to the Lone Gunmen Fanfic Bunker! This is officially the fanfic archive for the The LGM-T and LGM-MC email lists, but we'd like to make this as complete a Lone Gunmen fanfic archive as possible.

In this archive you will find, the good, the bad, the slashy, the funny, the romantic, the impossible, the crossovers, the adventures, and the unfortunate misadventures of our favorite Hacker Gods, the Lone Gunmen. We'll archive crossovers, alternate universes, filk, poetry, and even *whimper*... songfic.

The qualifications for this archive are as follows:

The story must *feature* one or more of the Lone Gunmen. If it's an X-File about Scully or Mulder, or other XF characters, it must have significant Lone Gunmen content. It can be an XF story or a story about the Gunmen in their own series. While we enjoy stories that have minor Gunmen appearances or mentions in them, to be archived here, the Gunmen have to be a big part of the story, and preferably the focus. This is an archive for them, after all. There are hundreds of archives for other XF characters out there, and we're trying to build a place to find good stuff about Our Guys.

We will happily take fanfic about not only the original three Gunmen, but about the late Fourth Gunman, Kenneth Soona (aka. The Thinker), Jimmy Bond, Yves Adele Harlow, Susanne Modeski, or Kimmy (the Geek) Belmont as well.

We'll also host stories about their other cohorts, rivals, and enemies -- Jimmy Belmont, Timothy Landau, and Morris Fletcher -- so long as you've got a reason for them to be dealing with the Gunmen.  Minor characters from the Gunmen's series? Sure, we'll archive those too! (Whatever *did* happen to Byers' old friend Carl/Carol?)

We can archive your fic here, or link to your own web archive, but if you want us to link to you, you need to keep us posted when you move your fic so we can keep your links up to date.  We also would ask that you complete a header to identify your fic for placement in the Archive.

In order to encourage the best in GunFic, we plan to eventually have Editors Choice selections, and a monthly Editor's Favorite, chosen by our editorial staff! Our criteria will include good spelling and grammar, good characterization, and a solid hand with plotting, dialogue, and believable original characters if any. Each Editor will choose a favorite, and there will be a short intro to the fic discussing why the fic was chosen.

Over time, as the archive grows, we hope to have links to other LGM archives, LGM fanfic lists, fanfic and writing resource sites, and other things of interest to GunFen and GunFic writers. We also hope you'll join us on The LGM-T and LGM-MC Lists!

Let your freak flags fly!

Erynn, Therese & Eve
High Pontiffs of All Things GunFic