Writers Resources


Copyright 101 A brief introduction to Copyright for fan fiction authors.
One Space or Two? Rules of dtp.
How to be a Good Beta Reader Some suggested guidelines to being a Beta Reader.
Writers Block Explanations, tips, and other useful information.

Lone Gunmen & X-Files

Nerd Words If you're going to write about them you better be able to talk like them.
TV Series Langlywear Get an eyeful...The mystery of Langly's wardrobe unraveled.
X-Files Series Langlywear Pictures included.  Take a gander...you might be surprised.
Working Stiffs A resource for X-Files fan fiction writers.
Deep Background Another X-Files resource.
X-Files Quotes An amazingly complete quote archive listed by episode.

Sex Ed 

SLASH AND NC-17 WARNING.  Materials listed here have adult themes and graphic material.  Please view responsibly and only if you are of legal age to view such material.

Odessys and Ecstasy Thamiris' Sexed-up Grammar Guide
BDSM Basics Just some general information.
BDSM Definitions Definitions from the same site.