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Wednesday, May 9, 2007
Holy S*** it's been forever since we've had an update.  I grovel and apologize profusely.
Caffiene, Conspiracies, and the Fortean Nature of Fishes:
I: This Island Maury 
II: Flying Saucer Safari 
III: Trek to Stupidity 
IV: Earth Boys are Much Harder 
V: Mutes: It's What's for Dinner 
VI: Land of Ten Thousand Lake Monsters 
VII, Do Abductees Dream of Alien Sheep? 
VIII: When Geoducks Go Bad 
IX: Sleepless in Sammamish 
X: The Strawberry Ice Cream Show 
XI: The Kiler Korn From Outer Space

Author: D. Sidhe
Category: Gen/Het
Rating: See each individual story.
Summary: "Caffeine, Conspiracies, and the Fortean Nature of Fishes" is a new series, which is basically a Langly/Byers, Frohike/Mulder "Weekend"-sequel road trip. There's a lot of insanity going on. This one's a WIP actually in progress, but here's where we are so far. There's still very little plot, but there does seem to be rather a lot of entirely gratuitous sex.
Disclaimers: Nobody here is mine. Nothing here is mine. Apologies to all and sundry.


Christmas in July
Author: J.D. Rush
Email Address: yanksfan462@...
Category: Gen/Het
Rating: NC-17 for m/f sexual situations
Summary: Monica cooks a special meal for her special guy. Third story in
the Byers/Reyes romance subplot of the "Big Things" Universe. (Follows "The
Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of" and "Lean On Me".)


Decoding the Enigma
Author: Amy Jonas and MagsRose
Feedback: and
Category: Gen/Het
Rating: P G-13
Summary: In 1940, Private Investigator, Melvin Frohike thought he was working on a simple missing person case but he soon found himself embroiled in something far more sinister.


Dream Realization
Author: MagsRose
Category: Gen/Het
Rating: P G-13 
Summary: Radio Shack was always a pain in the neck. So, how come Frohike didn't seem to mind going out there.


Author: J.D. Rush
Email Address: yanksfan462@...
Category: Gen/Het
Rating: PG
Summary: Missing scene from "Three of a Kind". Just how DID Frohike get
Scully back up to their hotel room?
Pairing: Frohike/Scully
Disclaimers: The characters, and some sampled dialog, belong to CC, 10 13
Productions, and FOX . . . the demented ramblings are mine. Title stolen, ahhh,


Everything I Know, I Learned From the Gunmen
Author: J.D. Rush
E-Mail: yanksfan462@...
Category: Filk/Parody/Humor
Rating: G
Summary: You know all those books, "Everything I Learned, Blah, Blah, Blah?"
Yeah, this is one of them.


I Had this Dream
Author: MagsRose
Category: Gen/Het
Rating: R 
If you had a dream about a Gunman, which one would it be?